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Well just come across this shite really. Is it not time to just give away all this religious superstitous clap trap, this is 21st century lets stop making it important and maybe it will eventually fade away. The poison it creates is too much to put up with any more how can any really sane person believe this nonsense - Tcox.

I believe in God. I do not know if he is there though. I try so hard to reach out for him at least in my mind and I dont know if he ever really heard me. Is he there just watching me or is he done with all of humanity and just letting us suffer because we took his only son. Why wont he answer. Why does he let the good die and the bad prosper. Is that a god or is he is so wise that he lets us suffer and right before we die and I mean really die not that bullcrap about seeing the light untill the EMTs revived me. I mean really truly know we are dying do we see his face and our souls just weep. When will he let all this crap stop in our world. When is he going to protect the young old white black and male and females why does he let all the corruption gather and build. Why does he let his people be so smart that we destroy ourselves. When will he rescue all of us. - Brian Coffey

God's principles of morality are easy enough to understand, but the overall point of why people are here, why we suffer, what happens to us and our loved ones when we die, and what eternity will be like was never made clear, and those are the questions people have. Humans can understand only very little of God, especially based on the scriptures he left behind, and it makes me feel lost and abandoned when I am suppose to feel his love. I know God exists but the why's tend to drive me crazy. I finally just gave up and have had to make peace with the acceptance that until I die I will never find the answers I am seeking and will just have to trust God that the promises he has made are true. - Jen Dras

Adam and Eve had empty sex. They had sex 47,057 and had 343 offspring. - This is the word of God. Thanks be to god. (By the way Adam and Eve were Black) - Anonymous

God likes it in the apple. - Anonymous

God is Jealousy {RE: of what} (evident when he realises you love his creations more than you'll ever love Him.) {RE: I mean, I could see maybe saying it's a being that only perceives jealousy, but how does it respond to those feelings? Jealous of my cock? I doubt it. If so maybe it would kill my girlfriend so it could have it's way with her in the afterlife. So god is an emotion?} It'd be awfully funny if He were jealous of your dick.

In general I'm not really sure how to put in words what I feel about God, the existence of God, and what God really is. Much of my life I was raised to be a devout Catholic, and I didn't begin to question this until my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It might be selfish to assume that a being with what is supposed to be all of creation to look after would be jealous of my attention wandering from Him -- or Her, I would not be surprised at all if God were a woman, or maybe both man and woman -- but I feel that as soon as I began to question religion my entire life fell upside down. When my mom died, for a long time I couldn't accept that there was any reason behind it. And I never went back to the time in my life when I could take the answers the church gave me seriously. 

It's more comfortable for me now to think that God is just an emotion, or a force. Something human. Less all-knowing. 

I haven't really come to much of a conclusion yet. - K Yeo 

The church of man love is such a holy place to be - Alan in LA

I am some what confused. Are you for God or against God? The pop up with the devil horns and the manipulation statement surprized me.

RE: Oh, the rock and roll symbol!?!? It's just a way of saying you rock for helping. We're neither against or for god really. We just want to know what people think so we can share it w the world and hopefully provide helpful links to inform people on both sides of the picture.

I understand what you are saying. But remember the Bible says if you are not for God you are against God. To me there is no doubt we have a God. The first atom of matter did not self generate. There is no scientific formula that supports a theory like that. So the first atom had to be created by God. God has been inspiring man since Adam. That fact that you are posing the question is an example of God inspiring you to think about him. The Bible as the living word of God is another proof God lives. No document written over so many centuries could fit togehter so precisely. You know man and our weakness could never keep the Bible togehter on our own. Also, if the Bible was a forgery someone would have blabbed long before now. I sincerely and respectfully wish you the best. God is talking to you. Don't be afraid to listen to him. Maybe your next question will be how do we know God is real. - Timothy McGuire

God is that supposed "nonexistant"; entity that, inexplicably, many of the people who say they don't believe in God nevertheless waste their time trying to dis. Wierd eh? - rajmetc
RE: it's not a waste of time to point out how disgustingly abused the name of god is by cruel ignorant closed minded people. if the concept of god wasn't destroyed by judgemental tight asses we wouldn't feel compelled to speak out. we are tired of your lack of humor and threats.

All you haters are gonna have to face and explain your definitions to God someday. RE: If there is a God, he will decide whether we are good people or not based on how we live our lives, not by what jokes we make, or evils we point out. Why bother asking for definitions if you only want those submitted by atheists and agnostics. - Bob Madia RE: Says who, Bob? All I'm saying is, if you only want to show definitions of God as being sarcastic and hateful, just ask for those, but don't chastise people who have a belief and submit their definitions. If you didn't like my answer, all you had to do was ignore it and not print it, but instead you had to write back with a judgemental response. Please refrain from further responses. I know a closed mind when I encounter one. See you in the funny papers. RE: How could you possibly say we are close minded and claim we are passing judgment on you, when all I did was say my god will judge me later? That had nothing to do with you, or your beliefs. We want everyones definition on the site. It's purely a mix of definitions people have submitted. Yours wins too. They're all great! You my friend are the one assuming we only want a certain type of post. You are the one being close minded by being intolerant and thinking we are chastising you. Click here if you don't believe we linked to you #1,117. Don't worry you will not hear from us again you uptight delusional. My sincerest apologies.  When I originally checked your website, I didn't see my definition and I mistakenly thought your response to me was a response you gave to anyone who didn't share your viewpoints.  Still, I find it strange you have so many one sided arguments about a belief in God.  There is plenty of evidence showing his presense for anyone wishing to seek it and believe once it's been presented.  Again, I apologize for thinking you wouldn't print my response (joke that it was) because it favored a belief in God. Free speech is a right, and I will defend your use of it. - Bob

definitions for intillectuals: Dominum reget, quod vives, loquis et scribis! stultus non potet scire Dominum projectis. Agere debes recte. - Ivan Petryshyn RE: Hello Ivan, Am I close with my translation? "Lord, he will rule, and give new life. he speaks and writes! foolish are those not able to know Master." Thanks for your input! yes, very close, those there are some inaccuricies. RE:   care to fill me in on the inaccuracies? Sorry, sir, I do not want and feel like doing that -I love God, and what is my greatest mistake-people! God wanted you to understand that this way, so I leave it between you and God. Ivan Petryshyn

Yes. I know for a fact that god isn't real. I think people are so ignorant and close-minded to believe that he is real. Just abandon sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, body, & mind; then what's left? Get rid of that too, and then you will feel it. You are GOD! This is all a dream my friends. x3

It is gods will for me to not believe in him, if he exists. - Anonymous

to gays you are the fruitcakes of a Jesus that loves you.God says there is no such thing a trashy people never call him on that and never forget the fatherless or the widow.666 or 555 if you believe that about the number then and acceptance of thought has already taken place. no one can help you get through revelations but the love of God and his son least we forget to repent ,we have a choice.hang in there i think god loves us.i am not gay ,but it was a test and my answer is celibacy. that is what i did might not be for you.but do not forsake good moral teaching on manors toward another fellow temporary humane being for this stage of life is only temporary. - billie roach crotsenburg

how to define the lord our savior and his father. well Jesus is so much like his father we call him god sometimes . the lord is very intense and hard as nails he says what he means and does as he pleases.he has a since of humor at times.and he keeps me in line thank your-lucky stars for that .he is real and loves us. he can fight better than anyone i know.he can make a general or a president. he can take life and give a blink.he can explain in a sec. what is going down and what to do.well that is just a few things i respect and trust and love about him. the lord my love can know and does know though of each individual he can walk through a angry crowd crying out for his destruction and walk away untouched he know all thoughts and hearts he comforts but well-comes to his heaven those he chooses.for the lord is the lord of the living.and there is no death on his level.he wrestles with you until you finally say,i know your right and the intelligent one smarter than any old me.even if i vent he listens and is there for me .and never will i say he is an infidel.all i have to say about Mohamed is he received a prophets reward.maybe cause that is how he saw Jesus as a prophet not son of the merciful god.Jesus can explain the questions that come from the teachings of the many teachings of Buddha and his followers. he loves them.he is merciful if you know the meaning of sweet Jesus you have been tested.well have a great day merciful Jesus son of the most high be with you. thoughts of billie joyce roach

i have been reading the definitions of god some are so out outrageous. is there any one there is all i have to say.i never thought people exist in such blindness or deafness to the thought of the lord.yet to manipulate god is funny can't be done . after all we have done in our lives we are judging what we do every day God doe not judge those tittle winks that seem to be blind to there own failures in life.but when you wake up and meat him after the crucifying of his ways you will like peter wake up and probably build a church.and thank him that you were blind by his hand and in his hand at all for all this judgment on him and we do the same things we accuse him of we will find judgment. wake up and watch for him he is patient with us.for you all make me belive even more and i thank god for that. - billie roach crotsenburg

Email from a big fan of the band TOOL: why always play with catholics faith?...why make fun with catholics GOD?....i bet the creators of this page and the webmasters don't have the BALLS to make fun with muslims god ALA...of course not...they would blow your shit you bunch of low-life cocksuckers losers...fuck you all....... RE: The website is for anyone around the world to spill their definition of god. Tell me you think anything different? The website is 6 weeks old and we plan to make it well rounded. All the definitions are random. I think there's even one from the Bahai religion in the top 10 so stop bitching and add a definition yourself. Have you even read your fav bands lyrics?

"He had a lot to say.
He had a lot of nothing to say.
We'll miss him.
Get off your cross.
We need the space to nail the next fool martyr."

"Once humans manipulate information, resources, and technology, they can take on value-laden contexts".

Same as you buddy, I have nothing to say about any god, my beef is with people who use religion as a TOOL for manipulation and personal gain. GIVE A REAL DEFINITION AND STOP CRYING.

look you fag ass pillow-chewer, no one's crying, i gave you my opinion about you and your webpage..that's's my opinion....and i'm not your buddy....RE: WWJD? (no reply yet) - Luke (Tool Box)

Define God? Thats like defining water.

Why is there a label on it? Do cockroaches have a god? Are we any different from a cockroach? Evolution, it looks to me like we are sparsely hairy monkeys. Open your eyes. There is some dirt in a crack high up an my balcony in my apartment in a suburb of Shanghai. Its the middle of winter and cold and green things are growing in the dirt. Open your eyes. There is truth, arrangement, function, growth, entropy in everything we see, and all that we dont see, allot more than that which is seen. Do we seek to name something to help us? To give us faith because we have no faith in ourselves? To cleanse our sins because we have no self control. To give us an easy way out. Open your eyes - Kip Oxman

Why the religious will always be hard to deal with..

Because their whole agenda is about aggressively pushing their beliefs, advertising themselves, and creating as much drama and fear in order to convert the poor lost souls as possible. They have to "spread the gospel".

Athiests and agnostics follow their more natural inclinations of wanting to just stay away from the whole religious drama as possible. But it's a stance that doesn't revolve around being pro-actively AGAINST others.. It's more of a reactionary thing whenever we are forced to have to explain why other people's claims are wrong.. We hear something stupid, and we tend to want to explain why it isn't so.. We don't run around distributing pamphlets on why everyone else around us is wrong. There's a reason why there's a huge majority of Religious Right nuts battling only a small group of non-believers, it's because they are actively antagonizing us. They are getting in our comfort zone, and threatening our freedoms. They are spreading myths and trying to stop true science in it's tracks. They want their version of events because its cozier that way and they want to ensure their souls have a place in heaven. They have this idea in their heads that there's got to be battles for souls, which is half the reason there will never be peace among people. - Schnims

RE: As sad ad it all sounds, we can at least support the organizations that put up "good without god" billboards and conferences that host the big speakers of the time. Ha, once we have money. Still what good will it do? People do not want to face the times. You can even see it in similar backwards politics. We've proven that if we put the cap on carbon emissions needed for the Copenhagen conference we'll be saving a lot of money in the long run and will save the planet. But, the start up costs and decision making to actually do something, seem beyond what some right wingers are capable of. It's just sad. Wonder who blew themselves up in a public place in the name of religion today?

God is the self needed counter constant consciential residue needed for a contempt nature due a few things such as explanations, reasoning, fear of death, and even god fearing itself.

God will be an old idea in the next couple centurys. Its quite obvious to the educated that biological means of billions of years have created an evolutionizing adaptable animal with the wiring of protein DNA to procreate. I’ve been quite indepth in some of my “ideas” and others about the true meaning of god. It might seem arrogant but with a real educational true sense of the universe its baffling to think we are a special species. Dont argue god unless you know what the hell your talking about. Honestly I dont even know where to begin theres so many reasons. The latest reasons I’ve come across for myself have been astrobiology. Being that there are a LITERAL uncountable probable amount of “earth-like” planets such as the one in our solar system scattered throughout the hundreds of billions of lightyears of bundled galaxies. If one were to truly understand the just dynamics of the universe god makes no sense. There stands the possible reason god exists only through physics not biology. Logic is my point of reference here. I dont care anymore if guy “B” doesnt want to believe hes just going to rot in the earth.. I dont care if he thinks his bundled senses of constant electric charges creating the illusion of a constant world conscience leads him to believe hes so special. I also dont care if your not willing to educate yourself on the world and instead want to believe what your ancestors used to solve problems i.e. “WHY IS THE WATER GOD PUNISHING US.. WE MUST SACRIFICE” and to think your god of the hundreds of religions is special.. so much ignorance.. oh boy.. any free thinking logistical leader knows of science no god.. lol burn for all eternity. Do you guys even know wtf eternity is. Most minds cant fathom eternity. An Ancestrial pro reasoning confliction evolving into a controlling mechanism for governmental control what better way to fear the mind into reasonable actions than to threaten the very worst think the human mind can even come up with. A free thinker (unbiasedly currupt of lifestyle) in my opinion would atleast question it the correct way. I must note that if I hadn’t grown up a freethinker I’d most likely just as well be trapped in the mind of a follower.

Theres not really a “definition” of god.. becuase god is such a vast and extremly vague idea of many cultures. It’s also continually evolving so no I’m sorry i can’t really give a concrete answer other than of some philisophical means. Many people dont even know what they believe in except for what they’ve been told. Once technological nano self replication singularity arrives about half a century to a century and the freethinking generations come.. about.. a century and a half from now god will be a much different idea. Must i remind you techonology is not only exponentializing but exponentializing on itself. We will probably never die in a robotic-human form and eventually robotics will take no need in biological reform and do away with any biological sense. (killing or containing) w/e.. Therefore, we will be the “GOD” of the next generation of “life”.. We will be able to recreate a complete.. well anything for that matter from scratch so in a large scope we are the next “gods.” Also .. there are probably other planets more suitable to optimized animal evolution and even in more optimized ways to retaining information (PROTEIN DNA) and may be stored in a much more complex routine.

All the answers for this has already really been made in one form or another..I’m just trying to add some dynamics to it. Maybe stir a conversation or two or help people begin to think about a few new things or in a few different perspectives.

A possible reason for god might be physics; another civilization maybe hundreds of zeros older jumping universes could have created laws known in our universe creating sets of evolving laws specific to the set of laws allotted to create yet another intelligent design known as evolution. lol - Derek Pritchard

What GOD do you believe in? Many cultures throughout human history have developed various concepts of who and where god is. It is too easy to say that your god exists in your heart – that is to say that god exists because you believe it – but if god is real, where is s/he? If we cut open your heart will we find god? There must be a place you can point to and say: %u201Cthere is god,%u201D even as cultures past have offered up the following ideas.

-A god who walks this planet and lives among her people?
-A god that lives in a grand temple?
-A mountain god?
-A god who is the planet?
-A sky god?
-A moon god?
-A sun god?
-A god that overreaches us and forms the shell within which contains the sky, solar system and the stars?
-A god that lives in space around our solar system?
-A god that exists within our universe and floats around in the massive empty spaces between the stars?
-A god that exists somewhere within the multidimensional possibilities of the universe?
-A god that overreaches our universe and forms the shell or fabric that comprises our universe?
-A god that existed before the Big Bang and who is expressed by the fabric and creation of the dreamworld we call the universe?
-A god that exists outside of and independent of our universe?

- Mary Coyote

The mechanical success of our civilization has led many to basic materialism. Are western men divided into those humanists who think that there is 'only this material world' and those who believe in a spiritual world ? Humanists now proudly work for many praiseworthy goals, but also accept malthusiastic concepts such as overpopulation. So they declare some to be ' unter-menschen', killing babies before they become human and easing away the senile. In contrast, the laws given by spiritual decree forbid unprincipled behavior by believers. God made our world for successive generations and plans to shut it down when the number of saints is full.
A new book, 'Techie Worlds' (available from looks at some teachings of the Galilean. They are ridiculous and cannot happen if there is 'only this world'. But viewed in the light of Flatland's contiguous dimensional worlds, they make simple mechanistic sense. This is the way of science: to look at phenomena to see if they are explained by a theory. If they are, that theory is accepted as true. So the Galilean logically based his statements on a spiritual world that truly exists and is superior to ours. 'Techie Worlds' discusses teachings about the Trinity, soul, resurrection, judgment, hell and Satan and others.

As Jews, Muslims, and pagans learn that the spiritual world of Christ is real, wars and terror will pass and the reign of Love will ennoble our world for the wellbeing of all. - GeorgeRic

Somewhere in the Scriptures, the Holy ones. God says that He is a jealous God, visiting the iniquity upon the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me somewhere in the Martin luther small Cathecism, well in the Large one too, there are the great definitions of God, considering that God, is telling us about Himself, as much as we need to know, bye for now, - Mike Verrell

Saint Anslem's Ontological Argument: This ontological argument was proposed by Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) in the second chapter of his book. Although he did not propose an ontological system, he was very much concerned with the nature of being. He distinguished necessary beings (those which must exist) from contingent beings (those which may exist but whose existence is not necessary). In"The Existence of Nature and God" Anselms Argument for the Existence of God is as follows: 1. God is something than which nothing greater can be thought. 2. God may exist in the understanding. 3. To exist in reality and in the understanding is greater than to exist in the understanding alone. 4. Therefore, God exists in reality. - Imran

Hello Dan,

Thanks for your email. Here is what we believe concerning God. Hope this helps.

Note: before reading the below please look at this link which explains what the dynamics are otherwise you will not fully understand what is written here -

In Scientology, the concept of God is expressed as the eighth dynamic—the urge toward existence as infinity, as God, or the Supreme Being. As the eighth dynamic, Scientology’s concept of God rests at the very apex of universal survival.

In his book Science of Survival, L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “No culture in the history of the world, save the thoroughly depraved and expiring ones, has failed to affirm the existence of a Supreme Being. It is an empirical observation that men without a strong and lasting faith in a Supreme Being are less capable, less ethical, and less valuable to themselves and society .... A man without an abiding faith is, by observation alone, more of a thing than a man.”

Unlike religions with Judeo-Christian origins, the Church of Scientology has no set dogma concerning God that it imposes on its members. As with all its beliefs, Scientology does not ask individuals to believe anything on faith. Rather, as one’s level of spiritual awareness increases through participation in auditing and training, he attains his own certainty of every dynamic and, as he moves from the seventh (spiritual) dynamic to the eighth, will come to his own conclusions concerning the nature of God (or the Supreme Being or infinity) and his relationship to it.

Scientology seeks to bring one to a new level of spiritual awareness where he can reach his own conclusions concerning the nature of God and what lies in store for him after his present lifetime. Thus, like many Eastern religions, salvation in Scientology is attained through personal spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Let me know if you have any questions.





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From: Blanco County News <>
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Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009, 8:24 AM

Ha! Those are pretty good. Maybe I will check out your site anyways. Thanks

Daniel wrote:
> Ah, ok, well thanks for the note back, however I dont' think there is
> a website like ours, we looked into it quite a bit. But anyway, have a great day.
> Here, at least please enjoy  a few of my favorite definitions:

> a condom to put on before reality fucks you.
> your easily offended ego
> the corpse welcoming committee
> a universe-sized infant
> a reason to shoot someone in the face.
> Ok, bye yourself!
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>     Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 4:37 PM
>     No, I will not go to your website. Sorry. There is already a
>     website for this sort of thing. Here are some definitions for you:
>     God - Large angry fairy-pixie in the sky. Refuses to show any
>     evidence of his existence but will sentence you to an eternity of
>     pain and burning if you do not accept it.
>     God - The main character in the fiction work "The Bible."
>     God - Man's most deadly creation.
>     God - Someone that people put under their MySpace "Heroes" list so
>     that they feel like they have an excuse to do bad things/dress
>     like a whore/post bad pictures/etc.
>     God - The universal scapegoat for forces yet to be explained,
>     originating back to when man thought the wind was Satan farting.
>     Bye!
>     Daniel wrote:
>     > hello, it's daniel, bassist from chicago.  i was hoping you
>     might take a moment to submit your definition of god, as many as
>     you can gather, to my fun new site
>     > We are finding it very interesting collecting various
>     definitions from around the world.  Please come have a laugh and a
>     cry with us!
>     >
>     > Thanks, Dan

Name_Email : hidden
God_Defined : Being raised a Southern Baptist I question some of the things I was taught as to religion. We all base our beliefs on what we were taught as children and as we grow older and see and learn from the world around us make's many like me question things in our minds.

One example: (as I was taught)
God created heaven and earth and all there, he created man (in his image), he created woman from mans rib, Cain and Able came into the picture, Cain slew Able and was banished to a foreign land to start a new nation and all his people will carry his mark. If there were no other people other than Adam's group in the garden, how did Cain start a new nation?
From what I was taught and what I have learned over 75 years is knowing evolution of things over time and believing in a supreme being, power that started it all and continues evolution makes me for one, think. 

Every human has his or her God within them knowing, good from bad (or evil) and has the power in them to separate it. Again it goes back to what we were taught to believe in the beginning of our lives as to good and evil from written history of our religion.

Over time many question those teachings and begin to search their mind and soul for answers. I listen to my "ID" (the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the ego is the organized, realistic part; and the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role.)

[1] You can make your mind think anything you want it to, your ID will flash truth to you and then your mind makes you think about it, change it to your liking, the ID tells you right off truth, don't think about it, act on it, but you must learn to use it. Everyone has their God in them and instinctively knows good from evil.

It seams to me that all religions are based on the belief of a, supreme being or power. Who knows how many times.


Thank you for having an open mind to a new idea that most people will refuse 
to accept. I had given up all previous belief of a God so when I began 
studying origin and how the single celled organisms play the most important 
functions that keep this planet alive a nagging thought kept telling to go 
back and read Genesis.

I kept putting this thought off because I didn't want to stay in the 
circular thinking that often results when you are trying to solve the 
mysteries of the past.

When I finally caved in and read Genesis I finally understood it when you 
understanding single celled organisms. The wording that is used to explain 
how life began is words used to describe organisms and their activities.

The story can be taken literal in its meaning except for the 7 day part. I 
think it was written for human comprehension of time. I researched other 
religions and I found that the Genesis account is very similiar to all other 

Science believes that the cells of plant life are actually cyanobacteria 
colonies. The story of Moses where God spoke to him from a bush with a 
bright light can be taken literally because this is where multicellular 
organism's life begins.

I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you with it.

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> Barbara,
> :) I love it. In the next week we'll put you on the top ten list. Thanks 
> for such a good definition on such a beautiful day!
> Kevin (and Dan: he's busy playing bass in Monocqua WI right now, but I'm 
> sure he'll love it too)
> Peace and love
> ------Original Message------
> From: beh
> To: Satans Angels
> Subject: New Definition for our kickass website
> Name_Email : Barbara beh
> God_Defined : I believe God is a single celled organism. The story of 
> Genesis begins with the "light" which I believe is photosynthesis 
> performed by cyanobacteria. This single celled organisms is also 
> responsible for creating the plant life that we are dependent on for 
> food/energy.
> The kingdom of God is within you refers to the mitochondria cell that is 
> inside every one of our cells for respiration. We do not breathe on our 
> own. We also have single celled organisms in our digestive system that do 
> all of the necessary conversions so each one of our cells receives its 
> food/energy. We cannot do this process by ourselves.
> We live because these single celled organisms allow us to live therefore 
> one comes to the conclusion that they are "God."
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My name is Lauren Whatever and I wanted to provide feedback on your page, I'm not sure if you're the right person to contact, but I wanted to tell you that since I have been working on creating some new articles about the evolution and creationism debate, your page was a great source of information.

As a thank you, I thought I would pass along this additional resource I have been using as well in case you were looking to add more to your page. I have been using material from this page, It has a ton of great creationism and evolution resources that you and your users may find useful!

Thanks Again :)
Lauren Whomever


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