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"Humor distorts nothing, and only false gods are laughed off their earthly pedestals." - Agnes Repplier

"Humor distorts nothing, and only false gods are laughed off their earthly pedestals." - Agnes Repplier

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  1. Ass pope rape.

  2. "That big guy in the sky... w/ no balls - what?! Correction: God - that big hermaphrodite in the sky." - myintellectualjourney

  3. "That jerk that doesn't respond to his e-mail." - myintellectualjourney

  4. "The invisible man's second cousin." - myintellectualjourney

  5. "That guy that left a "Be back in 5 minutes" sign at his desk... and meant 5 minutes in God-time. How many thousands of years is that? ;P" - myintellectualjourney

  6. "The one I always use is "a substitute for human ignorance", i.e. we don't know therefore Goddidit." - Kel

  7. Voters in Maine.

  8. "just think if there were not a word "GOD" what the people could say???? In order word if i have not been told there is a god, did i knew about it? NOP So, it is man made. Just forget about. Go look for youself. Help people , you will be helped by people. That is it." - Anonymous

  9. "Created by people to control other people. to pass off personal responsibility away from self. to give answers to questions science has not yet answered. to give people a reason to be evil. - brownie50044

  10. "He is the father of all prodigal sons." You can read about it in Luke chapter 15 verses 11-32. Not a very long story but well worth the read. Its not one I wrote, but, one I can readily relate to as I am a recovering prodigal myself. I also have kids and had to rescue one from Heroin. I have all kinds of stories about the experiences I have had with "the Father." He is God, and is also our Father, but is just the opposite of the "godfather." If you want more "God stories" let me know. Great idea. Later and Peace and Gods Favor to you. - Daniel goodnewsman7

  11. god........or my god is......mean and vengefull, he is eternally pissed off, he floats around on a cloud all day with long hair and a beard....he looks like he might get stoned but don't count on it. he watches me all the time, every minute of every day.....watching and waiting, did i mention he is probably very patient, waiting for me to fuck up so he can send my mortal soul to burn forever in hell......come to think about it......i fired the asshole and quit the catholic church as should you all..ha - Bumpysheets

  12. G.O.D. (gaining one's definition)

  13. "Somewhere in the Scriptures, the Holy ones. God says that He is a jealous God, visiting the iniquity upon the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me somewhere in the Martin luther small Cathecism, well in the Large one too, there are the great definitions of God, considering that God, is telling us about Himself, as much as we need to know, bye for now," - mark verrell

  14. "God........ A Small erection just waiting to explode. Little Boy.... Come here. " - Wild Wontane New England

  15. "the ultimate power, and power inevitably leads to greed, which leads to conflict, which is evil. Power is evil." - anonymous

  16. "I am.

    What else can I say?
    I am here.
    I am very far.
    I am the distance between my body and that star.
    I am what is,
    and what will be.
    I am more than my eyes will ever see..
    My body stirs, I am aware.
    I am here.
    I am calm.
    I am my love.
    I am your love.
    I am the manna falling from above.
    I am." - Deborah Saley

  17. "the ultimate power, and power inevitably leads to greed, which leads to conflict, which is evil. Power is evil." - Anonymous

  18. "the ultimate power, and power inevitably leads to greed, which leads to conflict, which is evil. Power is evil." - Anonymous

  19. "God - Okay to believe when you're young and stupid, but it'll be wise to just move on as you get older." - Anonymous

  20. "found between the legs of a beautiful woman." - seank26

  21. "the guy who is sitting by as a woman is being raped right now." - anonymous

  22. "In whose name we kill and oppress." - anonymous

  23. "our minds." - anonymous

  24. "Source of Ultimate Truth." - anonymous

  25. "A patethical excuse for being stupid." - Zob

  26. "hope." - rudrashish

  27. "Well just come across this shite really. Is it not time to just give away all this religious superstitous clap trap, this is 21st century lets stop making it important and maybe it will eventually fade away. The poison it creates is too much to put up with any more how can any really sane person believe this nonsense." - tcox1

  28. "just think if there were not a word "GOD" what the people could say???? In order word if i have not been told there is a god, did i knew about it? NOP So, it is man made. Just forget about. Go look for youself. Help people , you will be helped by people. That is it." - anonymous 6

  29. A powerful, though incoherent, mental construct. - anonymous 6

  30. Greatest joke ever uttered. - Anonymous

  31. "Shallow clamor of oppression = faith." - Cody Nickels

  32. "In Scientology, the concept of God is expressed as the eighth dynamic—the urge toward existence as infinity, as God, or the Supreme Being. As the eighth dynamic, Scientology’s concept of God rests at the very apex of universal survival." - Cathy with www.scientology.org

  33. "God is a cosmic play dough. You are an artist." www.RadicalEssays.com. RLH

  34. Greatest joke ever uttered. - Anonymous

  35. Gaps in the fossil record, or as Dan says, one with aspirations of breaking the fossil record!

  36. A way of labeling your ignorance.

  37. One not only exempt from responsibility, but also taxation. Therefore the most rewarded mafioso in history.

  38. Pathetic explanation for anything.

  39. Oversight.

  40. In hindsight I still agree with the above.

  41. Chief moderator of Craigslist.

  42. The big problem.

  43. The reason for the season, not the season for the reason. In other words, cold weather.

  44. Yourself as your best friend.

  45. A spatula flipping cooking souls in hell.

  46. Executor of the dinosaurs for none less than marital affiars, but of course, silly Noahs Arkist.

  47. Do you want your kids to justify genocide? Please read Sodom and Gomorrah, and Lot on your own first, holy flying fuck.

  48. Do you want your kids to justify genocide? Please read Sodom and Gomorrah, and Lot on your own first, holy flying fuck.

  49. A bribe from the elite to the general public to remain governable consumers.

  50. Doing fine on his own, thanks.

  51. New type of humor, what a shit.

  52. The greatest show on earth.

  53. One size fits all.

  54. Doesn't quite fit in my ass.

  55. The sale of the meaning of life.

  56. The sail of life.

  57. The game sin the tale on the donkey.

  58. A timid mind.

  59. "Listen to me closely God, let me die", errr ah receiving transimission from unknown source, omit.

  60. Prepackaged thought.

  61. Child abuse.

  62. The saddest part of human hisory, soon to be known as the big shame.

  63. Shape of the gap in the minds of the religious.

  64. Belief in belief.

  65. The great competition.

  66. a superstition.

  67. Stupid concept that evolved from the lack of scientific thought / equipment, i.e Superstition.

  68. Threw hints at Plato in the form of seashells on mountaintops, yet it took 2,300 years before someone like Darwin had the ability to bring it up without absolute reason to fear losing his balls and his life in front of his family.

  69. God: This multipurpose tool has allowed billions to soothe their mortal fears while easily excusing a wide variety of unconscionable actions such as war and homophobia. - The Onion

  70. The greatest Insult to Reason

  71. The "gateway" lie.

  72. Enemy of moral progress.

  73. Original cause of the term "spineless coward" and "spineless bastard".

  74. Undisputed grantor of unalienable rights according to the Declaration of Independence.

  75. Living la agua vida, a.k.a Life Water.

  76. The One we all will stand before and give an account of all things we have done or not done. Whether we like it or not, believe it or not.

  77. GOD. The great I AM; the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence." (Quoted from page 587 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures", written by Mary Baker Eddy.)

  78. The pineal gland in our brains releases dimethyltryptamine or dmt ("the spirit molecule"), a very potent psychedelic toxin. I believe the closest humanity has ever been to God happens every night while we're asleep and our subconsciousness takes over.

  79. According to the Bible, God is over 20,000 times more lethal to humans than Satan.

  80. The cause of everything that insurance won't cover. - Rich Gagbep

  81. A black hole in your mind that consumes rational thought. - Rich Gagbep

  82. The undefinable. - Anonymous

  83. Only everyone and everything that has ever existed. - someone who has read books

  84. The One who will grant you all your wishes or desires, but only after you execute a carefully designed suicide pact. - Anonymous

  85. This site is a clusterfuck. it's impossible to see or read.

    god will kill you soon

  86. All praise and glory and power and victory and majesty and honor and thanksgiving to thee O thou infinite holy cosmic spiritual self-existent miraculous spectacular forever wonderful only I.

  87. Religion is a mental illness. Would it be controversial of me to state that I am of the opinion that all deists should be treated for a mental illness in a category above schizophrenics, who at least interact with phenomena they can see touch and feel, where as theists and deists interact with and edit their behaviour according to an apparition.

  88. God is the essence of all things we see and don't see. -Wycliffe

  89. The fussiest, bitchiest, most fickle, opinionated, stubborn super spirit that will surely ever exist.

  90. God is the triune Creator, the only self-existent One with life in Himself, and revealed in this age as Jesus Christ. Please see how Christ's miracles show He is the Creator, at www.miraclesormagic.com

  91. faceless bastard - Genies Belly

  92. Like communism good in theory, bad in pratice. - AdamMoe11

  93. The complete and ultimate infinity. - Dave Oshgin

  94. Cock and ball torture. - me

  95. I deny the holy spirit. - me

  96. Baubo, goddess of humor. -some fucking website www.goddessgift.com

  97. The Girl That Just Served Me A Steamed Bagel

  98. A FAG party in disguise, a large bank account with male princesses dressed up as gay militia, funded by brainwashed fools who believe in old fairy tales.

  99. (GOD) Three random letters put together in no particular order that i can see but when pronounced out loud by extreme irrational people is used to frighten rational people that you better fear these three letters when used together in this order and you had better believe what we tell you about these three letters when used in this order otherwise you will be damned to an eternity in these four letters (HELL). How did I do...? Any Prize Money? or just a pack on the back and a free doughnut....? -JC

  100. Please respect God, the Creator of the universe. He is all powerful, all knowing and all present. He is the God of all, and does not deserve to be disrespected by you or anyone else. He only deserves worship praise, and admiration. God loves you more that you could ever possibly know and He doesn't want to see you go down this dangerous path. -http://revivalandreformation.wordpress.com

  101. The same delusional thought process that made me sacrifice beautiful lady slipper orchids for the beauty of my woods as a child, which only resulted in the end of those precious local flowers. -madman

  102. Cloaked greed

  103. The Cursed Side Effect of Our Solar System Winning the Cosmic Lottery

  104. why the way things are the way they are, the way they are, and definitely why things aren't the way they aren't!

  105. Alternatingly nasty and overly polite treatment of others.

  106. a wedge

  107. the first watchmaker, and who created god?

  108. One who only allows you to demonstrate his mind and decisions with science

  109. a rude arguement, which the agnostic laughs at

  110. The Margin of Human Error

  111. another child of ancient bacteria

  112. Bacteria that decided over billions of years that it would be more fun to fuck with a cock than to reproduce strictly by cell division.

  113. Something that never existed, and will never vanish

  114. an "i told you so" mentality

  115. a hereditary megalomania

  116. Reassuring Internal Monologue

  117. a formitable stand-in for the ability to let go

  118. The wisdom of a more primitive people

  119. Time honored nonsense

  120. A long boring book telling you to be cool, or mean to people, depending on the interpretation.

  121. someone that values fetuses more than liberals

  122. peer pressure

  123. sorta similar to that feeling u get when u fear someone is behind you or watching you, and they aren't.

  124. God, acording to christians and jews, is subject to his own forrbiden evils(sins). He tells us not to be greedy, but makes us give him money. He tells us not to be vain and poudfull, but he lives in a golden palace in the sky. He tells us not to be jealous, but he constantly had his chosen people destroyed or conchord out of envy because they worshiped other gods. Even his heaven for us is hell. All we are to do for eternity is sing one hymn and stare at his gloriousness as he pleasenty sits on his throne caring less about those in the inferno beneath. So not only is he greedy, vain, and jealous, he's a big fat stinkin' hypocrite, thats supposed to love us all. - Isaac Nichols (Riverwolf Chief)

  125. cock and ball torture - Kevin

  126. God is the creator, seer and understander of the universe. A conscious being, wholly good in nature, and presumably all powerful as the creator. He knows the whole picture and the reason for suffering (a point of contention amongst many). Since he is all knowing, his existence is unshaded by emotions. His existence is absolute truth. His existence is light, movement, and life. The absence of God is death, which is dark, void, and cold. God exists without layers of emotion and ambiguity. He exists wholly as a prescient being without innuendo or falsity. This is why those who are shrouded by anger, shame, doubt, and selfishness struggle to connect to him, and the best argument against sin, since sin is essentially the catalyst for falsity. - J. Messing

    Perhaps even better questions than what is God, are:

    Does God interject?
    What power does God wield?
    Does God care for me individually?
    What it the true nature of God (it is always assumed to be wholly good, is that true?
    If God exists, why does he not clearly reveal himself?

  127. Creator, his rod and staff comfort me. - Furby Puncher

  128. the act of contradicting; gainsaying or opposition. 2.assertion of the contrary or opposite; denial. 3.a statement or proposition that contradicts or denies another or itself and is logically incongruous. 4.direct opposition between things compared; inconsistency. 5.a contradictory act, fact, etc - Gay for God

  129. On the side of the sensitive.

  130. Nonexistant. - S. Tiell

  131. Someone I have the damndest time tolerating.

  132. Sky filth. - Dan Huber

  133. Deleted.

  134. Jesus was such a stupid plan.

  135. Me, Everyone of us. - Arch Fiend

  136. A homeless man with a severe superiority complex. -

  137. 'God" (or gods) is a concept invented by prehistoric humans to explain natural phenomena. I like to think of this as the caveman hypothesis. Any and all things where there was no comprehensible answer were attributed to god, e.g. The (apparent) movement of the sun across the sky from east to west each day. Many people still adopt the caveman hypothesis and when science provides an answer to a given phenomena, they simply redefine their position. E.g. "Gods are what make the earth orbit around the sun." - Adam Antichrist

  138. Leader of the Hypocrate Party.

  139. The ideal state of mind, I guess.

  140. A fish on a truck.

  141. Censorship.

  142. God is convincing people of himself through others.

  143. god-words

  144. god - essence of bloated carcass

  145. One who just made me have diarrhea.

  146. Censored by the Church.

  147. Censored by the FCC.

  148. Censored by the Government.

  149. Censored by the FDA.

  150. Censored by ASCAP.

  151. Censored by GOP.

  152. Censorship.

  153. Well, I don't know much about God, but I know he has a sense of humor! - John Buchan

  154. I don't know much about God, but I know it's a dude. Ha HAAA hahahaHAHA HE HHAHAHAHHA hah- mR. D.W. Humor

  155. the answer is probably simpler than you think. - BreakofDawn89

  156. Simple.

  157. >Green - guy at hoodilly. think his name was Matt

  158. god was a way for people in the olden days to explain events they did not understand. now that we are educated and are reasonable we shouldn't believe in such idiotic fantasies. everyone that believs in god is mentally ill. it's like an adult believing in santa. very very sad. - justin "The atheist" kelly

  159. ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO is the Adi Mantra that precedes Kundalini Yoga practice, tuning one in to the higher self. Ong is "Infinite Creative energy in manifestation and activity". ("Om" or Aum is God absolute and unmanifested), Namo is "reverent greetings' implying humility, Guru means "teacher or wisdom", Dev means "Divine or of God" and Namo reaffirms humility and reverence. In all it means, "I call upon Divine Wisdom". - anonymous

  160. God is when you live in the moment - anonymous

  161. Breath inside the breath - Kabir

  162. God is what ever you need Him to be and when ever you need that is what He is.? - Pastor Z. Mosley

  163. Sadly, children, I am god and the end begins us again. I'm not telling you where i can be found, or crave the fame, but know we'll be an eternity again, and all we have are the last few days to make myself known to the saved. - Koitus

  164. I believe ALL religion is obsolete. Religion breeds hate. Religion is the root of all evil and cause of wars. My spirituality is MUSIC. I put my faith in a G&L sc2 & a Vox amplifier. My god lives in the fire of a 12AX7 vacuum tube. My church is the stage. My god is neither jealous or vengeful. My god is the Lord... of The Groove, The Master of all Boogies and the true Mojo Cat you wanna hang with. - Jimmy Valentine

  165. Simply Love! - Barbara Dunlap

  166. A fussy, miserable psychopath with self-esteem issues. - K.

  167. The all-knowing, all-loving cause of genocide. (fuck you, Yahweh) - Annonymous

  168. The reason I'll probably never be allowed to marry in my country. - :( awwww

  169. Cosmological scapegoat. - anonymous

  170. Created in man's image. - anonymous

  171. Satan's bitch. anonymous

  172. Won't heel amputees. - anonymous

  173. Imaginary cosmobitch. anonymous

  174. God is when you live in the moment - anonymous

  175. The Great Placebo - James

  176. God is great... Satan is super!" - Anonymous

  177. Who cares what God is? If he loves me he loves me, if he doesn't that's his loss. If he doesn't exist at all, at least I didn't waste my Sundays in Church. - Liam Clancy

  178. God loves us all. God is not male or female because God has no human body. God is self-aware and interactive. God may have created just about everything, but God does not know what created God, or why. God wants us to quit killing each other and fouling our own house, the planet Earth. God understands every single one of us and why we do what we do and believe what we believe, and God wishes we could try to understand those things about each other. - Coke Brown Jr.

  179. God is everything a.k.a nothing. I am God. - Anonymous

  180. The role that asserts a materialistic theory of evolution because that is what is left when we have ruled out everything involving intelligence or purpose. - Natural Selection (floatingpancake)

  181. Something outside this universe. How else could an idea with matter survive the critical mass? - fuck you believer

  182. I believe God is a single celled organism. The story of Genesis begins with the "light" which I believe is photosynthesis performed by cyanobacteria. This single celled organisms is also responsible for creating the plant life that we are dependent on for food/energy.

    The kingdom of God is within you refers to the mitochondria cell that is inside every one of our cells for respiration. We do not breathe on our own. We also have single celled organisms in our digestive system that do all of the necessary conversions so each one of our cells receives its food/energy. We cannot do this process by ourselves.

    We live because these single celled organisms allow us to live therefore one comes to the conclusion that they are "God." - Barbara

  183. God = Nature - Libby

  184. God is the triune Creator, the only self-existent One with life in Himself, and revealed in this age as Jesus Christ. Please see how Christ's miracles show He is the Creator, here.- Anonymous

  185. The only rational conclusion is that god is a delusion created by schizophrenics. - EZ

  186. God is apprehended by imagination, intuition, reason,
    touch, opinion, sense, and name - and so on.
    While on quite the other hand, we find we can't begin to
    Understand him, so to some it seems a shame
    To go on
    But he is all things in all
    And he is nothing in any
    He is often found in one thing small
    Conversely, he is often missed in many. - Anonymous

  187. A comedienne - Anonymous

  188. The invisible man who tickles my toes while I sleep. - Haak

  189. God is a concept that states there is a consciousness/spirit/or being, greater than you or the Universe.
    Individual human belief for this concept has four possible paths:
    1.A blind acceptance of the concept.
    2.A total non-acceptance of the concept
    3.An evolving search for the concept.
    4.A concept with an unknowable conclusion. - Bob

  190. God is simply an master Sperit invisible. - Bruno

  191. God is Imaginary. - Anonymous

  192. An inevitable result of certain factors present in the human mind. The idea of God existis because the vast majorty of the human race would not be able to cope with a universe without a deity - as we would be nothing more than any other animal clinging to the skin of a rock hurtleing though the void of space. - Ryan Barr

  193. I don't want to say anything negative about him incase he hurts or kills my family. - Eamon Mc D

  194. God is bigger than me. That is the one concept that would solve most every problem we encounter. - Richard Flower

  195. God is the final object of that vain emotion called hope. - Mr. Blue Tunes

  196. GOD - in todays modernised terms, he would be classed as a rapist of children! i shall explain, the "virgin" Mary never consented prior to being made pregnant by god (there is the rape part) also Mary was according to todays laws, under the legal age of consent, and would be classed as a child. God (should you believe in such a thing) being all knowing would have known times would change and would have chosen a woman of legal age so that this comment would have no foundations with which to be written. - David "virgin" Brewer

  197. Energy that is all around us and flows through us... like the force. - Anonymous

  198. God is one's inner all knowing presence.. God is in the plants, the seas, the mountains, the air, and in the animals. God is what connects us all together. God is unconditional, unlimited, indescribable love.
    When God communicates with us, a sense of peace, serenity and tenderness is felt, nothing less, maybe more.
    It doesn't matter if a person is bad or good, if one asks from the heart to speak with God, it is always there. How could One not love oneself? - Zeinab Kamal

  199. A conceptual being projected by and for man who represents power, space, time, knowledge, and goodness beyond which man is capable, who is an ideal direction in which man wishes to move and who exists in reality as much as infinity exists in mathematics. - BigApplePi

  200. GOD...is simply not for difining that is God exist or Is God not exist....When we feel God by truly heart...his divine touch on us...nobody can make him\her believe for God does not exist...when we don't feel his divine presence...anybody can make us believe for God does not exist....so God's divine presence is live in our heart...its a language Heart.....Heart can only feel it...thanks Archana

  201. Everyone has their God in them and instinctively knows good from evil. - born a Southern Baptist.

  202. Guaranteed Obscene Delusions ;) - chloeyrose

  203. God is that thing that gives us hope when were most depressed, that incling of purpose to a fragile, short, and seemingly meaningless life, the color in the changing of the leaves, the miracle that creates a human being from dna, or only the compulsion to make meaning, to see purpose and cycles. Our belief in God is the human condition. - Jen D.

  204. The worst invention of human thought. - amayan80east

  205. God - bringer of the notion of doubt by making man question his existence.

  206. God - the absolutely un-essential dead guy figurative language.

  207. God - conservatives are always social darwinists.

  208. God - evolving turd.

  209. God - creator of man, just a minor failed experiment in the grand scheme of things.

  210. God - season for treason.

  211. God - prehumous afterbirth.

  212. God - unexplainable evidence for... something.

  213. God - undeniable reason for, uh, everything I guess.

  214. God - unpredictable reason for chaos.

  215. God - that presence at conception. yes, he is inside your vagina.

  216. God - someone whose always there for you, I promise.

  217. god a pronoun,takes the place of person,place or thing, but gives non an urge.

  218. looking at Katie Hueftle naked.

  219. god,the ultimate pimp

    god: hey i just totally knocked up this chick everyone ever created: niiiiiiiiice!

    normal guy: hey i just totally knocked up this chick normal people: what the f@$k were you thinking you d$%#!*&S

  220. God: A being of such amazing power that he decides he couldn't be asked to show his existence like he supposedly did thousands of years ago.

  221. Trust.

  222. You can know me if you wait or you can just turn around.

  223. God is a just a term referring to the narrow-mindedness of true believers. The rest is unimportant.

  224. GOD - Good Ol' Dickhead

  225. God is what, we didn't surrounded yet but, we will..

  226. The first and last person you will talk to when you need help, he will always be there to help but always helps in the strangest way that you do not expect to happen.

  227. God is Anu-the King of the Annunaki, whose son Enlil created homo sapiens to work in the gold mines as slaves. We were genetically created from another alien race...Genesis 6:4 and The Twelfth Planet. I can live with that!

  228. the nonexistent ludicrous cop-out used by inmates to achieve early release.

  229. a lie used to keep children under authorative thumbs, women opressed, disease rampant, and education hindered..

  230. Thank you, no. I just write seriously. All the best!

  231. A loving energy energy in the universe, capable of communicating with us, if we open ourselves. But that's not easy.

  232. A being proved to exist when you cite Him immediately after stubbing your toe. - BigApplePi,


  234. Formless non-consciousness

  235. "God is a Verb"

  236. God is the dynamic connection between things. It is the process of connection. God is not tangible or measurable. God is.

  237. God is all knowing. God is beyond time and space. God is the creator of all things seen and unseen. God is love.!

  238. GOD immeasurable potential of all that was,all that is, and all that will be.

  239. God - A Fuzzy Feeling Inside That Makes You Feel Better About Your Mistakes

  240. The energy source that exists in all matter, both visible and invisible.

  241. God is Who He said He is. God is our Heavenly Father and the Creator of everything

  242. a theory based on no real evidence

  243. TAO TE CHING, LAO TZU God_Defined : The way that can be described is not the eternal way. The name that can be spoken is not the eternal name. The nameless is the boundary of Heaven and Earth. The named is the mother of creation. Freed from desire, you can see the hidden mystery. By having desire, you can only see what is visibly real. Yet mystery and reality emerge from the same source. This source is called darkness. Darkness born from darkness. The beginning of all understanding.

  244. Me.

  245. A concept that either cannot be defined in reality, and therefore cannot truly be believed in, or that can be defined, has no feelings, and is not deserving of worship.

  246. Hello, my name is joseph. And I have lived here on this earth for more than 50 years. First and foremost before anything further is said or done from this point on, absolute truth must be established, followed by accountability. Everything has failed or does not work out right because absolute truth is not their! When we finally have absolute truth,then what is right and what is wrong will finally be established as absolute, and here is where accountability and responsibility will be required by all!! So answer this question. Can your cheating, lying, lazy, stealing, wants to be on drugs and corrupt heart really want that or can it live, can it carry on, will it want to even be in a heaven! Probably not! Only the good and just, the meek, the innocent, the loyal and faithfull await absolute truth, absolute right and now knows and rejects wrong in all it's forms and that now demands accountability and responsibility and now concisely acknowledges all of the consequences that must be set forth so that earth can be like heaven. Which means great change and much work,dedication and loyalty must be required by all to live in a land that is like a heaven on earth. Let's face it right now at this very moment the truth is that hell is here with us and it's people, it's followers are the majority! This we know for a fact and we that are good by nature choose to seek absolute, but hear me, really hear me, before you say or think anything ok! When I said this we know for a fact and we seek absolute, this is really and truley wanted only from a few. Which are you really? What does your heart really crave? What does your heart really want? Will you give your heart what it desires? Isn't it the heart that is the master of your life and demands from you the desires it craves and is it the mind that gets in the way and brings confusion to that action?!!! Who are you? What are you? Do you really want to choose a side? Do you? The really question is can you? I just want to say that if you ever make a promise to god and you intend to keep it, be prepared to be tested to the maximum. Be prepared to loose everything, just be prepared for the worst!!! When I know how long this test will take,and I know the out come, I will share that info with you!!' One day, we must chose and you do know that!!!!

  247. : What is love between a man and woman? Love is a overwhelming temporary feel of admiration and desire for someone that should not be fully trusted, for it constantly seeks and hungers for more and always falls short. Do you love your spouse? Well bless you! Are you truly loyal and faithfull to your spouse? Bless you! Do you respect him, do you love her? Bless you Are you both god fearing? Bless you! Are you both truly happy? Bless you Are you both content? Bless you Do you enjoy your marriage? Bless you No secrets from each other? Bless you Desire others, no right? Bless you I just want to say, that if this is you, blessed you are! Hold your head high and be an example to the world! You know you are a beam of light to this confused world!!!!

  248. Boy as I read the definition of god and the comments it really sickens me that the stupid, the foolish, the uneducated, the jealous, the hateful and especially the guy with the foul mouth that had to pour out about 100 foul immature comments, you couldn't find a god bashing site or is it your hobby to voice your comments on every site that you can find. Do you hate god cause your mama left you in a dumpster with no formula in your bottle on a cold and rainy night with shit in your diaper when you were 17 and left a note that said I'm sorry I tried to be a good mother but you see my baby, my son keeps on digging my underwear out of the hamper smells them, licks them, wears them then plays with himself all day cause he doesn't want to go to school and doesn't want to work, he loves to steal so he can get high. He's just like his father. So please don't think bad of me cause I can't keep my legs closed but I thought this would bring him a better life. Signed mother of the year. You pathetic piece of shit I'll surely pray for you that you stop leaving your foul comments all over the internet and also that your mother will come back and breast feed you. You'd like that!!! Sorry folks but I just can't stand cry babies, haters!!

  249. I just want to let you know what to expect if you plan to keep a promise to god. Expect the worst! You will be tested to the maximum. I will give you examples. 1) you will lose your spouse. 2) you will lose your home and become homeless. 3) you will lose everything of value. 4) you will go to jail. 5) you will become a burden to all that you come in contact with. 6) you will definitely find out who your true friends are if any. 7) your family will be embarrassed of you and won't help you. 8) no one will help you or believe you unless you have lots of money. 9) you will be alone. 10) you will probably start drinking. 11) you will consider suicide. 12) you will be mad at yourself and especially god! No doubt! I wish I can tell you for how long the test will last, but for me it's been over 5 1/2 long and painful years and I'm still being tested. I do a lot of sleeping, I don't go out, I keep to myself and still I'm tested to the point that It is only god that only bring me out! My promise to god has brought me here to were I know my true friends, I know who really loves me and really cares, I know the things that are truely important and essential to live, I know how to be happy alone, I can love myself and be good to myself. I can talk to god for most of the time that's all I have. I have kept my promise dear god no more tests, this I pray!!!

  250. Love and f#;k are two very powerful words, especially in the wrong hands. With love the only guarantee you"ll find is hurt. And f#;k well we all get f#;ked one way or another, sooner or later no matter who you are, guaranteed!!!!

  251. When a man speaks, ask questions, make him prove his point, demand facts !!! now when a fool speaks go ahead sit down listen be his friend. You know stupidity loves company too!!!!

  252. If you are in or plan to stay in a relationship with a liar and cheater. You need to shut the f#;k up,cause no one, I mean no one wants to hear you cry, bitch and complain,I really mean no one! Just be sure that bathing and cleansing and gargling is a priority before sex. Ok stupid!!!!!!!!

  253. Creator. And nothing more

  254. Anyone close to you with more money than you.

  255. Something to have absolute and unceasing faith in for one of it's thousands of definitions.

  256. Faith in the ambiguous, or absolute uncertainty!

  257. God - Precious mental construct that's all precious and shit.

  258. God - The upper hand in conversation.

  259. Die for one it's definitions please, now. Just think of the possibilities!

  260. I'm not sure, but let's pray to it just incase.

  261. Lets find out together.

  262. God - Southern Superhero!

  263. God - One who loves saying if, and or but.

  264. #1 spokesperson for carpentry.

  265. Root of all controversy.

  266. Square root of zero.

  267. The definition of your internal religion, only what makes sense to you; the rest are just symbols in the stock market.

  268. A free range chicken.

  269. Organic anti-matter.

  270. A belief that is just a huge opinion that takes up most of the brain.

  271. Sorry, he's the father of Judaism

  272. God isn't a joke, he's a lie. Lol

  273. A singular divine entity, all perfect ruler divided into a trinity of warning factions. The father of Christianity, The Holy Spirit Judaism, and the Holy Ghost Islam.


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